The Seinfeld Years

Seinfeld was always a deal-breaker show for me, if it came on the TV I turned it off. My sister used to watch it and I remember one time finally losing it with her and screaming “WHY ARE YOU WATCHING THIS?! IT’S NOT FUNNY” to which she ominously replied that one day I would “get it”. Not me, I vowed, not me.

Cut to a few years later, in the jobless scary months after finishing college I watched an episode. I can’t even remember which episode it was but to my utter shock and disgust I thought it was funny. 

Maybe it was a once off, only one way to tell. I ordered the season 1 & 2 box set (fun fact you can only buy the two together) and I settled down to see what I thought. I laughed, I cried (from laughing) and I had to admit defeat. Seinfeld was funny. When I confided in my sister that I was collecting all the seasons she just smiled knowingly. She had seen it coming.

A few months ago an incident happened that wasn’t unlike the Seinfeld episode where the reporter outs Jerry and George as a gay couple. I referenced it to my boyfriend who looked at me blankly and told me he didn’t watch Seinfeld as he didn’t think it was funny. Jaw drop. I thought back to my conversation with my sister all those years ago and realised he just hasn’t experienced Seinfeld as a grown up.

This is the benchmark of adulthood for me. Not moving into your own place, not getting a college degree or starting your first job. For me it’s crossing over to the Seinfeld years.

When I moved to Canada a few months ago I left my Seinfeld DVDs to my sister, I hadn’t progressed very far with my collection – at most a few seasons. So today the entire box set arrived on my doorstep. I can’t wait for my boyfriend to cross over.


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