Adventures in Friend-Making

It’s a lot harder to make friends when you’re older. I think that’s a given fact. People already have their friends list set-up and they are no longer accepting new applications. I actually think it could be easier to get a new boyfriend or girlfriend rather than a new friend as the rules there have been around for many years. Making new friends is a grey area. One of my friends thinks she could be best friends with the lady who gives her braziliian waxes….she’s just not sure how to broach hanging out with her without sounding like a weirdo.

Since moving to Toronto I admit I haven’t been making too much of an effort to make new friends, one girl who I knew in Dublin a few years ago got in touch to say we should have lunch. I played it cool as I didn’t want to look like a desperate in need for friends Glenn Close.  This has possibly back-fired as, probably offended by my lack of interest, she didn’t contact me again.

So in a bid for girl friends (I would even take male friends at this stage) I decided to get out and join a few groups. Group number 1: Knitting 101.

I never learned to knit. I didn’t even know I wanted to learn how to knit. But knit I tried! And I kinda failed. Well maybe failed is too strong a word but over the 2 hour class I barely managed to knit one row….then it all fell apart just before I left class. So yea, I wouldn’t say I succeeded in Knitting. But whatever about knitting – what about the friend potential?! On my left was a super knitter who I’m fairly certain had her scarf almost finished when we were leaving. Luckily on my right was another novice knitter who was having just as much trouble as I was – so I would say there’s some potential there! To be honest everyone was really nice and I did enjoy spending some time with other people. So I look forward to the next class…..just maybe not to the knitting.

Next in Adventures in Friend-Making: Book Club! Books, wine and cheese….that can only lead to good things right?


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