Adventures in Friend Making Pt 2

So back in June when I was looking for Meetup Groups to join I came across a Book Club that had selected Tina Fey’s “Bossypants”. Amazing thought I, I’ve been wanting to read that for ages, this sounds perfect for me. I paid my $5 deposit, bought my book and waited for July to roll around. When it came to the big day I was bringing up the details, I noticed what kind of book club this was. “Personal Development Book Club”……I went on to read the description for this month “we decided for the summer we would keep it light with Tina Fey!”. Balls. I thought. I’m the kind of person who believes that personal development ends at 18 when you become a grown-up. I know that’s how I should think but that’s my personal belief! A feeling of dread started to sink in and I started having my doubts.

The next source of anxiety was picking out suitable snacks and beverages to bring with me. How could I represent myself in a snack?! What wouldn’t cause controversy and at the same time get people to like me? I ended up with butterbean dip and cheesy crackers. Worried I wasn’t sophisticated enough I also spent a bomb on some fancy chocolates. Women like chocolate right? I also balked at the idea of buying a bottle of wine as I knew nervous sipping would lead to me drinking the entire bottle. I settled for some cans instead and hoped that when I showed up they wouldn’t say (mean girls style) “At Book Club we drink wine”.

So I rocked up to find a small group of older ladies, but that wasn’t what surprised me. It was the ready admission that no one had really liked the book we had read. To quote one “Comedy is not really my thing, I find it a bit of a waste of time”. I heard my jaw land on the table at that. In fairness they were open to debate and didn’t pelt me with crackers when I took the opposite side and said I loved the book.

Which I really did! I enjoyed getting to know a bit more about Tina Fey, I thought some of her wisdom was really helpful and I would recommend the book to anyone. Except for those who don’t like comedy. Ahem.

I think I’m making this sound like the whole experience was horrendous but it actually wasn’t! Even when talk turned to if anyone had any regrets about not having children which sounds like a bummer when I write it down but it really wasn’t! It was so interesting to hear about these women’s choices and lives. Maybe the personal development books aren’t for me but I really enjoyed the company and I think I’ll be back!


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