Biting the Bullet

Sometimes it feels a lot easier to just not.

To just not make the effort, to decline an invitation to lunch. To pretend you have other plans after work. To forget about your plans to go try something new and just go home instead. Because sometimes being sociable and interacting with people is a bit draining and one is not always feeling up to it.

That’s how I was feeling after work last week. I was due to head to my second knitting class and was not in the mood. Number one I was really really really shit at knitting. I had tried to practice a few more times since my last class but no use. I had even watched multiple videos on YouTube but I just couldn’t get it. The thoughts of slinking back to knitting class with no knitting to show made me cringe. On the way home from work I tried to think of excuses to not go. I was tired, knitting just wasn’t for me, I hate everyone, my leg is haunted. I tried to convince my boyfriend I shouldn’t go so he could support my decision. Luckily he wasn’t buying it. We settled on a compromise – there’s only 4 classes in total, this class would be the halfway point. If I did this I can officially say I’ve given it a try. Fine. I’ll do that.

I dragged my heels to class, whipped out my needles and my ball of yarn and got ready to give-up.

Two hours later I had successfully knit more than one row! I had also had a lot of fun with my classmates and was glad to have gotten out of the house and in turn my funk.

I guess what I’m saying is what we already know deep inside when we don’t want to get up and do something: just do it. It’ll 9 times out of 10 make you feel better.


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