“You Do You”

Yes. I have succumbed to peer pressure. I shelled out for proper running shoes and gear. I have downloaded the app that promises to get me from the couch to 5K in a reasonable amount of time and I am now, officially a Running Wanker.

Before I moved here I had promised myself that once I got here I would sort myself out, get in shape and finally stop being unhappy with how I look. It’s funny how when we move we bring all the old problems with us and how we feel that once we get to that magical new place we won’t have any of the stuff that stopped us before. Like lack of motivation and a fear of once I start running people would stop to stare and point.

Then I was listening to a podcast and someone commented that whenever they run they feel like everyone is judging them and knows that they never run. But on the flip side they commented that when they’re out and they see someone running they get a pang of envy and guilt that they should be running. Then the penny dropped – when you go running you’re that person to someone!

I don’t think I’m there yet but today I completed my 6th run. It’s just a drop in the ocean compared to others but I’m trying to reduce the time I spend comparing myself to others and just focus on my accomplishments. Or as one friend says “you do you”.

One thing that’s been popping up in my mind over the last few weeks has been a scene in the second series of Bojack Horseman. I think it’s the last episode but do feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Bojack is running up a hill when he’s passed by another animal (I want to see a Baboon? Monkey of some sort?) who looks like a seasoned runner. He tells Bojack it gets easier, you just have to do it everyday, the hard part is getting up and doing it everyday.

Could be applied to a lot of things. Today, it’s about running.


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