Exploring Toronto – The Distillery District

During the week I realized that Summer is almost at an end (sorry to be a downer) and I still hadn’t visited Toronto’s Distillery District. I had been on my very first trip to Toronto in the middle of Winter when it was still a lovely area, but everything was closed for the season.

So yesterday I headed there to see it in the sunshine, what a change! Instead of a dead zone it was full of people buzzing about and enjoying the weather. I stopped at Balzac’s coffee first to get my caffeine injection that would fuel my exploration. The building itself is beautiful but I was too busy gaping to get a picture. They offer various different types of coffee blends (sign number one that I was in way over my head) and lots of baked treats. Once I was capped up, I started wandering. There’s lots of shops in the district from jewellery, clothes, spices, sake and chocolate. Soma chocolate is well worth a visit even if it’s just to breathe in the chocolatey aroma. I would also recommend the Tumbled Hazelnuts. Just as a snack to keep your blood sugar up.

The view from Balzac's
The view from Balzac’s

I didn’t stop off in too many shops as I’m trying to remain solvent but the area itself is lovely to just walk around and take in the buildings and art. They had a giant sign of the word LOVE that on closer inspection is built using Love Locks, might be the nicest use I’ve seen of these.


I was starting to get peckish so I stopped in the Mill Street Pub (also a brewery) to get some food. I treated myself to some wings and a pint of Pilsner but after ordering the beer I noticed that everyone was ordering “flights” of beer which means you get to sample 4 different types of beer – definitely something I’m getting next time I come! The pub itself is another stunning old building and it’s very easy to spend a few hours here sampling the beer. They pub offers tours of the brewery and you can even buy some cans/bottles/kegs there to bring home with you.

Feeling very happy with myself and after making a few mental notes of where I want to go on my next trip to the Distillery District I headed home. Hopefully it won’t be another 6 months before I visit again!


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  1. aleksawal says:

    Great spot to visit in the winter as well…looks very nice with all the Xmas lights.

    1. onlineness says:

      I heard today there’s a Christmas Market there in Winter, I look forward to that!

      1. aleksawal says:

        The Christmas Market is really great but gets very packed!! I recommend going on weekdays. The mulled wine can’t be beat though 🙂

      2. onlineness says:

        Thanks for the tip!

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