Running up that Hill*

*Lol J/K, I hate running up hills*

Today I’m writing about something that I’m sure you’re DYING to know – how is my running progressing. Don’t despair, you’re about to find out!

I’ve gone from wanting to die when I have to do a fast interval to only wanting to be mildly injured. So making mad progress over here. In seriousness, I do actually feel like my fitness has really improved and instead of being in pain after a run most of the time I feel great. I have a nice route that I like to run on and that I haven’t gotten sick of yet and every time I get further and further it makes me feel fantastic. My goal for this was to get through the 5k training plan and while I’m still a few weeks from the end of the plan – last weekend I managed to do 5k without too much effort. A couple of weeks ago I couldn’t imagine doing that.

I’m going to finish this smug running post, one of the side effects of this project is that I’ve turned into a Running Wanker who likes to talk about pacing, energy gels and chafing. I think one of the reasons I keep banging on about it is so I keep my motivation – nothing like the fear and shame of someone asking you “how’s your running going?”. I’ll leave it here with a throwback to my last running post:


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