Making Friends Part 3

Bet you thought all I was doing was running around and bragging about it. Not so, I’ve been continuing my quest to make new friends in the city.

I joined a food enthusiast group on and during the week I went to my first event – a mingling event at a Thai street food restaurant. I learned a lot from this one event and though I’d share that with you, in bullet form point!

  • Go to something you’re passionate about: be it eating, pints or some sort of athletic activity – make sure you sign up to something you actually really enjoy doing. Not just something you aspire to want to do or something you feel “meh” about. I feel this makes it much less likely for you to not go. I was so excited about trying some new food that I completely forgot to feel nervous until about 5 minutes before I arrived.
  •  Make a real effort to remember names: I know some people can be freakishly good at this, I may be good at remembering Simpsons quotes or Gilmore Girls trivia but names I find disappear as soon as someone says them. Try to make a real effort to remember someone when they introduce themselves – even repeat for clarification if necessary. This makes it easier when you hit it off with someone, get their number and don’t have to save their number in your phone as “Nice Girl From That Thing”.
  • Ask about other meet-ups people have gone to: this can be a conversation ice-breaker and also you could find out about some great other groups you hadn’t been aware of. If people are at this meet-up (which if you’ve followed my first point) that means you should have a strong common interest so the other meet-ups they go should interest you too!
  • When in  doubt – ask someone what they’re drinking: this was actually something that was done to me – but I thought it was a good idea so I’ll definitely use it at future events. It’s a nice way to enter into a conversation with someone and you could also find your new favourite drink. Plus it’s a little bit of a confidence boost for the other person to think you admire their choice of drinks
  • At the very least – use it as a networking practice: I know this one sounds really lame but if you’re in an career that involves networking then I think we all know it can be a bit painful sometimes. So any chance you get to practice these skills I would say use it. Even if the night doesn’t go as you had hoped this means it won’t be a total waste of time.
  • Lastly: sometimes the person sitting by themselves is sitting by themselves for a reason. Lol.

So as you’ll see I learned a lot from this event, I already feel like a seasoned veteran. I look forward to the next one!

And just so you know – I didn’t leave with these lessons alone. I also left after having made a potential new friend! All in all, a very successful evening.


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