Road Trippin’

My parents have returned to the home country, the only signs that they there were here at all are the Bewley’s teabags in the cupboard and the penguin wrappers in the bin.

We managed to pack a lot into the few weeks they were here including a road trip to Niagara on the Lake and the Falls. Unfortunately the weather was totally miserable but funnily enough I was reminded of childhood Irish holidays where all we could do is drive around, scurry outside if it did stop raining and eat our picnic in the car. Even down to my boyfriend falling asleep on my shoulder in the back of the car – usually that was my sister Shauna.

The Famous Falls
The Famous Falls

Niagara Falls is a funny place, my mum calls it “Hurdy Gurdy”. It’s full of gimmicky shops, wax museums (yes plural) and haunted houses (again, plural). We only managed a short walk down the strip as it was so wet and windy out. We retreated back to Niagara On The Lake which is a really quaint town full of old-fashioned buildings – all shops seem to have to respect the building code which creates a really lovely space.

Niagara On The Lake
Niagara On The Lake

For most of the weekend we stayed in our cosy cottage watching the Fargo TV Series which wasn’t how I had pictured the weekend originally but was a pretty good way to spend the weekend together. On the way back I made my Dad stop at many farmer’s stalls so I could stock up on produce and baked goods. After they dropped us off at our house they made their way up north to my cousin’s cottage. Even though I knew I’d see them again in a few days and that they weren’t leaving for another week I still felt sad when they drove off. Luckily I had brownies to cheer me up.


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