Back to (sort of) Reality

As I mentioned last time my parents have returned home. It’s now back to real life, no more eating out and drinking casual pints every night. I get a twinge every time I walk past the apartment they rented but to be honest that doesn’t happen too often so you don’t need to feel that sorry for me. Oh go on then.

Luckily the day they flew back was also the same day that Kate Beaton (of Hark a Vagrant fame) was signing her new book at the lovely Toronto Reference Library which is also one of my favourite spots in Toronto. If you’re not aware of Kate Beaton you’ve most definitely seen one of her web comics – if not go directly to her site immediately. She writes highly entertaining comics about historic figures, literary greats and characters and on one occasion Janet Jackson. This all resulted in a massive rollercoaster of emotions. I said goodbye to my parents, got on the subway and tried not to try then was laughing hysterically at my first live comic book reading. I’m happy to say Kate Beaton is just as charming and witty in as her comic strips.

Now I’m back to my normal daily routine, the only thing I can look forward to in the near future is the release of Fallout 4 which is a mere 41 days away. Enjoy me while you can because once that game launches I will be lost to you all.


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