Girls Night Out

Let me set the scene. It’s Friday, I’m tired from a week of work and a week of making an effort everyday to look presentable. I’ve been invited to dinner with the girls (yay) followed by drinks and a club (not so yay). I thought well I have to eat right? So I’ll go for dinner, maybe a drink or two but definitely not a club. No sir. I’ll be home by 10 at the latest, all in all a very civilised night.

Oh best laid plans! I had so much fun at dinner and drinks that I was easily persuaded to come to the club which was very random and entertaining. For some reason there were contestants from a Beauty Pageant milling round the place, complete with sashes. I decided to quit while I was ahead and left early – unfortunately I didn’t quit while I was ahead and ended up being very sick for the remainder of the weekend. Totally worth it. I didn’t realise how much I needed a girls night out until I went on one.

This is a brief entry just to keep the creative juices flowing. I’m suffering from an unpleasant cold right now and have been too busy to do anything except work and dose up on cold medicine. But stay tuned! It’s Thanksgiving this weekend so we’ll be hosting our first one and I’m sure I’ll get some good blog fodder from that.


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