Gilly For Life

Major news this week – Gilmore Girls is being revived by Netflix!!

Full disclosure: I wasn’t always a Gilly. Gilmore Girls was on when I was a sullen teenager determined to dislike “Girly” things (like “Girl was in the title of the show – come on!!) so I didn’t take much interest. But then Sunday evening television was slim pickings so eventually I started to have it on while I did my Sunday night homework. My interest also peaked when Jess Mariano was introduced and my penchant for assholes who were well-read. But then I moved to college and didn’t own a TV so I didn’t watch Gilmore Girls again until I lived with my sister. She had seen one or two and decided to buy the entire boxset online. We were very excited when it arrived….which quickly turned to guilt when we realised we had bought bootleg copies. How did we know? Well first of all “Gilmore” was spelt with two “ls”. Also the images on the disks were a bit dodgy. And in clear plastic wallets. And sometimes there was dialogue missing in episodes. But still! Our very own Gilmore Girls to watch whenever we wanted. When I moved out I let my sister keep the DVDs, very generous of me I know.

If you’re not aware Gilmore Girls ran for 7 seasons – the last season is controversial because the show runners Amy & Daniel Sherman-Palladino left due to some issues with the producers. This meant the last season is quite frankly a shit show and ended on a bit of an unsatisfactory note. Amy Sherman-Palladino has since said that she had everything planned out down to the last 4 words. We never thought we’d get to hear these words.

Then I moved to Canada mainly for love but also because Netflix Canada has all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls. Gilmore Girls on demand!! I also started listening to a little podcast called “Gilmore Guys”. The premise of this is one guy who’s a lifelong Gilly and the other a Gilmore virgin. It’s been crazy to see the Podcast start as something small to one where the hosts regularly have actors from the show and have even attended the ATX festival this year. They also campaigned for a revival of the show – I believe the hashtag was ‪#‎GilmoreGirlsSeason8OnNetflixOrPerhapsAnotherStreamingProviderHBOIsAcceptable‬.

So it’s safe to say that this year has been a return to my Gilly fandom and I’m even excited for it to start snowing so I can pretend I’m Lorelai. THEN this week we got quite possibly the best news in the history of news – Netflix are reviving the show! I cannot wait to finally find out what those 4 words are. And also hopefully for Rory to end up with Jess. Team Jess till the end.


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