Happy Halloween

Halloween was a much bigger deal to me when I was young. There wasn’t many houses around me and the road was so busy trick or treating wasn’t very feasible. Instead I usually went to my friend’s house where we played the traditional (kinda crappy) games, ate far too much sugar, told scary stories, didn’t get any sleep and as a result came home with a sugar & sleep deprived hangover.

As a teenager I cared less and less about Halloween, funnily enough my mum seemed to love it more and more – nowadays she pimps the house out for Halloween. I think this could be because in the last 5-10 years more and more houses have sprung up meaning more and more trick or treaters.

This year was my first Halloween in Canada and the first time I spent more than 10 minutes making a costume in maybe 15 years. Don’t get me wrong – I think I spent a grand total of 30 mins on my costume, but still! Halloween is a huge deal over in this part of the world. Candy and Halloween decorations have been in stores since August and there’s about 10,000 different Halloween parties to choose from. The neighbourhood is full of elaborate decorations including a massive inflatable black cat that moves. We dutifully picked up some “candy” in preparation for our trick or treaters and sat in wait for the doorbell…..which never rang. We realized later that our landlord had turned off all the lights downstairs which probably deterred all potential visitors. Oh well, more for us.

We ended up in a dive-type bar bopping away to Destiny’s Child and the Backstreet boys along with a guy dressed up as a taco and a girl dressed as a pineapple. It was the most fun I’ve had at Halloween in years.


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