Christmastime in the City

I love Christmas. I truly believe it is the most wonderful time of the year. I love decorating the house, Christmas jumpers, gingerbread lattes….I even like shopping for presents. Up to a point. I’m not crazy like.

I thought people here went crazy for Halloween but that’s nothing compared to Christmas. Pretty much since mid-November it’s been lights and inflatable snowmen galore. I had thought we wouldn’t be putting up any decorations, our two housemates have no real feelings about Christmas and my boyfriend is the same. But then my boyfriend announced that we would be hosting the Late Late Toy Show and that we needed to decorate the house. So we got a (tiny) tree, some decorations from the dollar store and a Yankee Candle so the house even smells like Christmas. As I’m going home for Christmas I thought not decorating the house wouldn’t matter that much to me but even I was surprised at how happy the decorations made me.

I was even more surprised at how emotional everything is making me. I was listening to my Christmas playlist (made in 2011, been refining ever since – don’t judge me) and every song made me well up. Seeing the lights switch on over our tree had the same effect. Then last night we were walking round the Christmas markets and I overheard a little girl talking to her granddad about Santa Claus and I felt it again!

I’m hoping this is down to the fact that I have a nasty cold and am feeling sorry for myself. Otherwise it’s going to be a very weepy 22 days.



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