Winter in Toronto

When I left Toronto it was still very mild – there had been some minor snow flurries but overall winter had not arrived yet.

Getting off the plane last week I was hit by the cold wind and the sight of snow. Winter had landed. On Monday it reached -20 with the wind chill which meant an baltic return to work and daily routine. Before I left the house I had to ensure my hair was bone dry after my shower as I didn’t want it to freeze (again).

But I have to say that at the moment I’m glad to see Winter in Toronto. Hear me out – my very first visit to Toronto was 2 years ago in February – during a very harsh Winter. My first experiences of Toronto was in the snow and the ice. So for that I think I’ll always have a little hint of nostalgia for this time of year. Wrapping up in my sleeping coat style jacket, scarf, mittens and ear muffs makes me happy and I enjoy walking around while the streets and parks are empty.

Please do not hold me to this. I have a feeling in approximately 2 weeks I’ll be weeping with the cold. Just let me have this for now!




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