David Bowie

I thought it was a hoax or a mistake when I first heard the news. There’s no way, he just had his birthday, he just released a new album we were just talking about him. I still can’t believe that David Bowie is dead.

I have a lot of David Bowie related memories but one that keeps coming back to me in the last 2 days. It was 2003 and I was in my third year of secondary/high school. David Bowie was due to play in Dublin and I had a ticket to go along with my mum and one of my older sisters. I was so excited, the last concert I had been to was Destiny’s Child and I know this gig would be life-changing. I’d finally get to see Jared the Goblin King live as well as be instantly elevated to the ultimate cool status.

A couple of days before the concert, my other sister had just moved home and I realize now wasn’t in the best place (mentally not physically). We had not been getting on which isn’t that unusual when the two of us are living in the same place but as this was over 10 years ago I hadn’t fully accepted that just yet.

Anyway, we were talking about the concert and about how thrilled we were about seeing David Bowie in the flesh when my sister commented on how she would love to be going and she wished she had gotten a ticket. The way she said it sparked something in me. “Take my ticket” I said. In my memory I feel like time slowed down when I said this and everyone stopped and stared.

“Are you sure?”

“Yea, I’ll go the next time he tours”

And like that, my David Bowie ticket was gone. I had pretty much instant regret but I knew I couldn’t take it back. However, my dad telling me (in secret) he was proud of me made me feel a little better. That and my sister’s excitement.

By all accounts the concert was great and I fully intended to go see David Bowie the next time he came to Dublin. But he didn’t.

There’s not many moments from my teenage years that I can look back on with pride, so thank you David. Thank you for the music, the stories and the memories.



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