Toronto Top 5 – Coffee Shops

May I start off this post by saying first and foremost – I know feck all about coffee. I can in no way claim to have any idea about coffee, a real coffee fan may visit one of these places and have this reaction:


A lot of these are local to me and I don’t think any of these are secret spots. I’ve just been compiling lists of places I like and want to share. So in no particular order:

  1. Coffee and All That Jazz Coffee with some great music, it’s easy to sit here for hours and watch the world go by. Also the carrot cake is amazing – and I don’t even like carrot cake.
  2. The Sidekick This coffee spot is actually within a really great comic book shop so it’s impossible that I wouldn’t like it. The coffee is great (in my humble opinion), the setting is really cool and they have bacon scones. Literally there is nothing to not like about this place.
  3. Balzac’s Coffee Distillery District Balzac’s has a few locations around Toronto, I personally love the one in the Distillery District as they’ve transformed a beautiful old building into a hip coffee house. I can’t speak for the food but definitely stop here for a caffeine injection when you’re in the Distillery District.
  4.  Fika Set in an old house in Kensington Market this place has adopted the Swedish concept of “Fika” which is a coffee break with emphasis on the break part. Brunch is delicious and they have an impressive book page wall!
  5. Sud Forno Part of the Terroni Italian group this place offers strong Italian coffee as well as a wide range of delicious pastries.

I hope if you do end up going to any of these you’ll enjoy them!


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