New Year’s Rezzies – One Month In

Just in case anyone is curious about how my New Year’s resolutions have been going and also I want to track how they’re going for myself!

Yoga Twice A Month: I tried out my first Toronto Yoga class a couple of weeks ago and I loved it. I was lucky enough to find a great studio that’s near me and I’m hoping this is one resolution that won’t be a problem for me to keep. I have another class booked for Sunday the very last day of January so while technically I haven’t done two classes yet barring I get hit by a bus tonight or tomorrow morning I can tick this one off.

No Electronics Before Bed: ahem, yea I haven’t been so successful with this one. I’m finding it pretty difficult to part with my phone before bed which shows how scarily attached I am to it. File this under work in progress.

Call Someone You Love Every Week: tick! And as predicted it’s so good for my mind and soul to connect to the people I love.

Plank: I’m doing it, I’m hating it. Tick.

Eat 5 A Day: I just assumed you guys knew I was talking about fruit and vegetables. I hope so anyway. To kick-start this I’ve been basically a vegetarian for the month. What do you expect me to say here, that I feel awful for eating healthier?! I feel great, this could be one of the reasons why I haven’t gotten the January Blues this year. I’ve also discovered (after one terrible experience 10 years ago) that I actually like tofu. I’ve even successfully cooked it – that deserves a tick!

Blog More: and tick. This month has been the most blog entries I’ve ever posted. I’m not saying all were creative gold but I’m glad I’ve kept this going, here’s hoping I can keep the momentum.

So at the end of Month 1 of 2016 (Jay. Sus. Didn’t that just fly?) I’m quite proud of my progress so far. I’ll review again next month and hopefully I’ll have torn myself away from my phone by then!




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