Toronto Top 5 – Snacks

Sometimes when out and about I feel the pang of hunger and the crankiness that often goes with it (resulting in a “hangry” spell). Luckily Toronto has no shortage of places that you can stop in to get a quick bite before continuing with whatever it is that you’re doing…but some of these are so good that I may have ventured out specifically just to be fed. Again, these are in no particular order and if you do get a chance to go I’d be interested in knowing what you think!

  1. Banh Mi Boys: so when I said above that these were in no particular order? Yea I totally lied, this is definitely my number one. With two locations – one on fashionable Queen Street West and the other just down the street from Zanzibar strip club (naked lady party headquarters!) on Yonge – this is the place for shopping/stripping trip fuel. I’ve only tried a couple of the Banh Mi and Bao but they are so good that I’d be very surprised if the rest of the menu isn’t excellent too.
  2. Sweet Jesus: aptly named as once you see some of the ice cream cones and coffees you are very likely to exclaim “Jesus!”. Next door to La Carnita (excellent tacos but that’s a story for another blog post) and serves elaborate ice cream cones and tasty churros. This is one for those with a sweet tooth for sure but I think coffee lovers will appreciate the espresso.
  3. A3 Napoli: this place has traditional Italian fried street food. If you like arancini (fried risotto balls), fried pizza and delicious bad-for-you food in general then you can’t go wrong.
  4. CJ’s LunchBox: this sushi spot has become a staple for me in Toronto. They have a production line of sushi going seemingly all the time which is pretty impressive to watch while you pick out your sushi. I highly recommend the spicy chicken! Plus the staff are so friendly and cheery that even if you’re having a crap day this should snap you right out of it.
  5. Otto’s Berlin Doner: Wow. Did you just go to their site? You really should. I’m contemplating getting a kebab delivered right now*. Ahem. Anyway! Located in funky Kensington market (which actually has so much choice in terms of food places so you won’t be stuck!) this place dishes up authentic German kebabs and as a bonus stocks Club Mate!

This is just a taste (HA!) of the snackage Toronto has to offer. I haven’t even mentioned tacos yet you guys. That’s still in the research development stage. Which is really difficult, honest 😀

*Balls, it doesn’t deliver to my area. Will someone bring me one if they visit?



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