Goodbye Gravity Falls

Yesterday, the 15th of February was a special day. It was the air date of the last ever episode of Gravity Falls.

Gravity Falls is a kids show but like many kids shows it has many layers and is more complex than one would initially think. It’s set in the town of Gravity Falls where twins Mabel and Dipper Pines are spending their Summer. They’re being looked after by their Grunkle (Great Uncle) Stan who runs the local tourist attraction – The Mystery Shack. At first it seems that the only mystery is how Stan manages to get away with his terrible fake exhibits but Dipper and Mabel soon discover that Gravity Falls is full of unexplained phenomena. The show follows them as they navigate growing up, crushes and strange incidents such as gnomes and zombies.

It’s an incredibly sweet show, the relationship between Dipper and Mabel is one of my favourite things about it. They may get frustrated with each other but ultimately they love each other and have each others’ backs. Also, in my opinion Mabel is the star of the show, amazingly confident and positive – we should all aspire to be more like Mabel. I don’t want to get into too much detail about the characters and story because the less you know going into this the better it is.

The creator Alex Hirsch went into the show always planning on two seasons only. It’s a bit of a relief in this age of multi-seasons with about 20 hour long episodes to have a short show to sit down and watch. I also appreciate that the main story line doesn’t feel dragged out and we don’t get fed scraps of plot over a long period of time (Adventure Time, I’m looking at you).

The final episode was a perfect end to the show, even if it was an emotional rollercoaster. Thanks for a great summer Gravity Falls, I’ll miss you.


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