Reading Challenge Update

After my initial burst of momentum on my reading challenge, I slowed down and it took me what seemed like forever to get through my next book: The Ladies Paradise by Emile Zola. I guess that’s what I get for trying to be cultured. I bought the book after a trip to Paris where I had seen some pictures of of Zola and some of his old haunts. Maybe I’ll revisit this one day but I really struggle to get through it. Perhaps it was because everyone in the book seemed to be a massive arsehole.

The next book was Born Round by Frank Bruni who was the New York Times’ restaurant critic from 2004-2009. It’s an autobiography of Bruni who comes from an Italian American family (where naturally there is an emphasis on large family feasts). In his book he recounts his love of food and his struggle with his weight. I found I could relate to a lot of what his was saying and if anyone else loves books with descriptions of food I recommend this one!

Last but not least is a comic book/graphic novel that if Goodreads can count as part of the reading challenge then so will I! It’s volume 2 of Fatale by Ed Brubaker. I read volume one many years ago then forgot all about it (please note this is a reflection on my scatterbrainedness and not the book’s fault) until I was looking round our local comic book shop and picked up the second volume. It’s sort of like a film noir meets sci-fi comic.

These have brought me to 6 out of 40 books – 15%. So thanks to the fact that I burned through Fatale in one night I’m on schedule.




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