Rezzies Review – February

I cannot believe we’re at the end of February. It’s been a weirdly mild Winter here in Toronto and it feels like we’re still waiting to be hit with it. Fingers crossed we’ve made it through and I can store my snow boots away until next year. I’m doing another review of my resolutions because as I said before, this makes me more motivated knowing that I have to admit my failure to dozens.

Yoga Twice A Month: This is still going strong and in fact come Monday night I’ll have done 3 Yoga classes this month. I’ve even taken the plunge and bought my very own Yoha mat. My current favourite class is restorative Yoga which mainly consists of lying under blankets with an eye mask #workingit

No Electronics Before Bed: I feel like this is going better than last month but still has some ways to go.

Call Someone You Love Every Week: this is still going strong and I strongly think that this habit has helped with my positive mood and the fact that I haven’t sunk into a Winter Depression.  Last weekend I was able to play Peek-a-Boo over Skype with my niece. How amazing is that?

Plank: I’ve been slacking on this one, for March I’m going to give this one some extra effort.

Eat 5 A Day: I’ve upped my meat (errr) intake this month because I’ve been feeling like I haven’t been getting enough protein. Because of this the fruit and veg may have taken a hit this month but I think I’m hitting it most days.

Blog More: I’ve found this to be tough lately. Tough to find things I want to write about and I’ve been a bit lazy about making time for it. BUT I have just treated myself to a fancy new laptop which I justified by promising myself that I’m going to blog more and write more in general. I can’t wait to be one of those wankers in a coffee shop that sits there for hours.





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