Exploring Canada

Two weeks ago myself and my boyfriend embarked on a road trip with some people we hadn’t met before to Arrowhead Park. It was organised by a friend who traveled in a different car so we were in a car with people we didn’t know. We were a little nervous as the trip was going to last 2/3 hours – what if we hated these guys?! Luckily the other couple were super friendly and fun and the car journey flew by. Possibly the Tim Horton’s donuts helped the bonding process. There was a lot of rain on the way to the park and when we arrived so we chose to wait out the rain in a nearby pub while drinking coffee with Baileys 🙂

The weather wasn’t great for the Winter activities we had in mind. There wasn’t enough snow to go tubing unfortunately and the ice staking trail was closed (luckily – I hate ice skating!) so we were limited to either the snowshoeing trail or cross country skiing. I was a little tired after a bad movie session the night before so I opted for a nice relaxing snowshoe hike.

The start of the trail

The trail was so beautiful even though everyone was telling us how usually it’s much more pretty. There hadn’t been that much snow but honestly I think if there had been more we would have had a much more difficult hike! Instead it was a nice balance of lovely scenery and a workout. After 10KM I was pretty much wiped


There was a point that morning, before we left – when we found out that some trails were closed and the group started to question if we should head up at all. To be honest I was a little tempted. We had been up late the night before, I didn’t know any of these people and maybe I’d have a better day on the couch watching Netflix. The general consensus was that we may as well carry on seeing as we were already up and in the car. I’m so happy we made that decision! It was a really lovely day out and we got to meet some great people.


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