Toronto Top 5 – Breakfast

I love breakfast. I also love lunch and dinner. But I think I love breakfast most of all. Here are my favourite places (so far) to have breakfast at the weekend in Toronto. I specify weekend because these are not places to stop and fuel at – these are places to linger and have a second coffee and enjoy yourself. For some of these you may need to wait in line but trust me, they’re worth it.

  1. Aunties & Uncles: unless you arrive early you’re bound to have to wait in line at this retro spot. I recommend the french toast but the grilled cheese served with homemade ketchup is also a winner.
French Toast served with Pear Compote

2. George Street Diner: it pains me that this is the one breakfast spot I don’t have any photos of – but this is because I always eat my food too quickly to stop and take a picture. There’s an Irish connection in this place which means proper soda bread along with decent sausages. This is where we go when we’re feeling homesick!

3. La Cubana: for when you want breakfast and to feel like you’re on your holidays. La Cubana serves up delicious dishes with traditional Cuban sides like rice and beans and tostones. I highly endorse the Cuban breakfast of slow cooked pork and poached eggs. Chase this with coffee con leche and some donuts and you’re set for a day of napping off this feast.

Cuban Breakfast at La Cubana
Cuban Breakfast at La Cubana

4. The Good Fork: I found this place after seeing other people’s pictures on Instagram and I knew that I had to eat here. We waited for 45 mins but I wasn’t disappointed. They’ve taken classics like grilled cheese sandwiches and pancakes and take them to a whole other level. I tried the Spanish Hash with Chorizo which was delicious and I also couldn’t resist trying a side of the Red Velvet pancakes – life changing.

5. Whelan’s Gate: breakfast in an Irish pub? Hear me out. This is for the morning after the night before (if you’re not so bad that you’re getting flashbacks in a pub) – bacon pancakes and bottomless coffee will help get you back to normal.

Happy breakfasting!


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