Truffle Making with Purdy’s

I’m on a major sugar high right now – I just spent two hours in a Purdy’s chocolate shop learning how to make chocolate truffles and tasting chocolate. So in other words I just spent a couple of hours in heaven.

The class began with a brief history of Purdy’s as a company and the chocolate making process. Then we got the chance to taste some chocolate (the first of many!) and got to making our truffles. They had plenty of different flavours to choose from but I went with an old classic – Bailey’s and Kahlua. After we made our truffles we got a brief explanation of some of the chocolates the shop had in stock and some information about how they’re made which was really interesting. The evening ended with a taste of the salted caramel chocolates which were so good that I had to bring some home with me.

I would really recommend this! They also offer chocolate bark making classes which are a little bit cheaper but I really think the truffle class is worth it. It may seem pricey but when you take into account that you go home with 20 truffles, have some chocolate tasters, learn something new and have a fun few hours it really  is a great experience.

You can book classes here – I just had a really great time and wanted to share!



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