ClassPass – A Review

*Update – ClassPass raised their fee so may need to attend a lot more than 5 classes in a month. I have cancelled my membership. RIP ClassPass me*

I heard about ClassPass from a Podcast and was a little skeptical at first. The idea is that you pay a flat fee and can attend 3 classes at every participating studio per month. But when I looked at which studios were involved then I became more interested! I had thought they would be all out of my way or for activities I didn’t like – but on the contrary there were places that I had gone to before or places I had wanted to try out. So I decided to give it a go, I figured in order to get my money’s worth I should go to at least 5 classes over the course of the month.

One week in and I did my fifth class this morning – so I think it’s safe to say I’m loving the ClassPass. I’ve just been focused on Yoga and Spinning classes but they also have Zumba, Barre and just general gym time available. I can see myself branching out to the other classes as my confidence levels grow.

I really recommend the ClassPass, it’s a great way to try out new studios and classes and if you’re cheap like me then the motivation of getting your money’s worth will drive you to attend more classes. The only maybe downside is that when you’re booked into a class you have to give 12 hours cancellation notice – this might prove tricky for some but I found it manageable.

I am in no affiliated with ClassPass and am getting no money for this post, I just thought this was a great service and wanted to let you all know! But if you’re interested in signing  up then I ask you do so via this link as I’ll get some dollars off my next pass.

Happy working out!


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