Funny Girl(s)

The new Ghostbusters trailer came out a few weeks ago, I have no real strong feelings for the original movies but I got really excited when I saw it. I love Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig so I can come to the conclusion that I’ll love this movie.

We were talking about it at a friend’s house where some people were a little skeptical – mostly because they grew up with Ghostbusters and had very strong feelings about the movies. One girl said that she loved Bridesmaids and she expected she’d love this too, when one guy dropped the bomb that he didn’t like Bridesmaids because it was just women “trying to be crude and funny”. I’m pretty sure if the man had said he likes to sneeze in people’s faces on public transport he would have gotten a better reaction.

Firstly – women do not need to try to be funny. Women are hilarious. I know because I’m surrounded by funny women on a daily basis. Second, yes asshole women can be crude. And if you do not enjoy crude humour that’s fine, lots of people are minus craic and don’t enjoy it. However, if you don’t enjoy crude humour from a woman because you feel it’s unladylike then you’re an asshole. Sorry. But you are.

I’m really tired of this shit. Like exhausted. I can’t believe this conversation is still being had. Why are women being told what is and what isn’t appropriate behaviour for a woman while men seem to get the free pass? I was out with friends and a man told us it wasn’t appropriate for women for be drunk. Please note this man 2 minutes earlier had been pissing in the street. His trousers were still unzipped.

I’d like to think things are better. That we’ve made progress but at times like this it’s hard, really hard. I know it seems trivial but when add the above remarks onto the everyday things like disgusting comments on news stories, revenge porn  and street harassment can really wear a lady down. I want to believe that my niece will able to grow up feeling like she can do or be whatever she wants.

Last night I was at Medieval Times, in the bathrooms there was a little girl asking her mum could she have a crown. She wanted a King’s crown. Her mum replies “A King’s crown? But you’re a girl?!”. Her daughter replies “So? That doesn’t matter.”

I refrained from hugging her and shouting “You’re right, it doesn’t.”



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