Toronto Top 5 – Sweet Treats

I’ve been on a healthy-ish kick lately. I say ish because I haven’t gone completely cold turkey on my treats but I’m trying to make them more of a “treat” rather than an everyday occurrence. These are the places I visit when I’m having a treat day.

  1. Glory Hole Doughnuts: so you may be thinking “really? How good is a doughnut?” – the answer is SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD. These doughnuts are not your average Timmies, they’re amazing. They have the classics such as Vanilla Dip and also some fancier ones like Strawberry Rhubarb pie. Make sure you get here early as they often sell out by lunchtime.
  2. Pancho’s Bakery: now we move onto churros, which are not so different from doughnuts. Pancho’s has a few locations around the city  and serve up fresh churros that they fill with your choice of dulce de leche, chocolate, strawberry and if you’re really lucky condensed milk.
  3. Soma Chocolate: has two locations in the city and I prefer their Distillery District store simply because it seems to smell more strongly of chocolate. You can pick up a variety of tasty treats here such as the coconut clusters (omg), toasted marshmallow chocolate (OMG) and Mexican hot chocolate (OMFG).
  4. Wanda’s Pie in the Sky: this place is pie heaven. Any variety of pie you could possibly be craving is here and there’s nothing better then to head here on a Sunday afternoon and spend some time with a slice of pie.
  5. Dutch Dreams: Spring has sprung and the sunshine has me thinking of ice-cream. Dutch Dreams offers a wide variety of decadent flavours with chocolate dipped cones (sprinkled with your choice of candies) and toppings. This is a treat that you’ll feel obligated to Instagram.

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