Rezzies Review – March

Guys we’re a quarter of a way through the year – can you believe it?!

Yoga Twice A Month: Thanks to my Classpass I was able to burn through 4 yoga classes at the start of the month. This meant I got a chance to try out some other Yoga studios, some were great and some were maybe not that great but I definitely discovered a couple of new classes that I’d do again.

No Electronics Before Bed: Any sort of progress that was made in February went out the window this month. I’m sort of blaming the fact that March was a really hectic month, both work wise and personally so I needed to be on my phone all the time. But in reality I didn’t try very hard this month. I have a good feeling about April.

Call Someone You Love Every Week: I missed one week of this buuuuuut that’s because I had friends visiting Toronto that week! So I traded phone time with actual time with people I love and I think that’s more than fair.

Plank: I’ve surprisingly enough been pretty diligent on this.

Eat 5 A Day: because of the visitors (mentioned above) there’s been a lot more of eating out this month and I haven’t kept up with this as much as I should be. Again – I have high hopes for April.

Blog More: I feel like I’ve nailed this one this month. Been pretty consistent with my posts and feeling like they’ve actually been pretty good. Hopefully you agree!

Bonus Resolution – Start Spinning: I walk by a spinning studio everyday on my way to work and have been curious about it since I first got here. I thought spinning was a really intense workout and not for me but my sister has been raving about it for months. I finally bit the bullet and tried it. After my first class I was in a lot of pain, like a lot of pain. Like I didn’t walk home,  I basically crawled. But I had gotten through it. And it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. This month I’ve done three classes and while I can’t exactly say I love it when I’m doing it – I am sort of enjoying it.




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