Rezzies Review – April

Oh April. It’s been fun. My birthday month has been a rollercoaster of emotions and I feel like I’ve been through every kind of feeling. It’s been amazing to see the lovely circle of friends that I’ve made here and the support system I have here. It makes me feel a lot more settled here. Even though my feelings this month have prompted lots of discussion about next steps and our future. Yikes. Being a grown up is hard.

Yoga Twice A Month: oh yea – forgot to say that Classpass have put their prices up and I couldn’t really justify the new fees. It was great while it lasted but I should have known that it was too good to last. Anyway, my weekends this month were very busy as well as me being ill over one (which suuuuuucked) so I’ve only been to one class this month and it kicked my ass. I hope to do another session before the end of the month though. Tick tock.

No Electronics Before Bed: lol. Moving swiftly on…..

Call Someone You Love Every Week:  thanks to this month being my Birthday month I’ve talked to lots of people that I love! And I even got to hang out with one when she visited me earlier in the month.

Plank: I’ve kept up with this but I have to admit that I thought I’d be better at them by now. Nope.

Eat 5 A Day: probably wasn’t as good as I could have been with this but as the weather gets warmer (please God let it get warmer) I hope this will be a lot easier to keep up with.

Blog More: This was not a good month for blogging, I’m sorry. This month I felt like I was constantly on the go and when I had some time to myself I didn’t feel very inspired. I promise to come back next month with more posts. In fact – I even have a theme in mind! So hopefully the inspiration will just flow through me. That sounds kind of disgusting. I’m sorry.




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