Canada – One Year In

Today marks my one year anniversary of moving to Canada. This day last year I said my goodbyes to my parents, cried in the airport toilets and got on the plane.

There’s been a lot of emotions involved in this move. I was so happy to finally be with my boyfriend again after over a year but I was also so sad to leave my niece who had just arrived into the world. The excitement of exploring a new city was sometimes over-shadowed by longing for being back to places that I knew and loved. Trying to socialize and make new friends felt, at times, impossible. I had amazing friends, these new people would never measure up to them. A good chunk of the year was me hoping that I’d be able to leave after just one year. Was there even any point in trying to settle in? Why bother buy anything nice for the house if we’d just have to leave again? And I already BOUGHT all this house stuff, it was so unfair to have to do all this again.

So how did I go from pining to actually enjoying life in Canada? I got over myself. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and tried. Instead of whining I tried to make an effort and be grateful for this opportunity. And it worked. Kinda.

I think it hit me that I liked my life here at Christmas, I realised I wasn’t dreading going back. That I was actually excited. Another turning point was when my friends visited me and one said that I seemed happy here – and I am. I’m not pretending to  be.

I’m not going to lie, it’s still hard at times (please see last month’s depressing blog posts as evidence) but this time last year I didn’t think I’d make it to this and be happy about it. What a difference a year makes.

In honour of my Canadian Anniversary (which is most definitely a real thing) the theme for my blog this month will be mainly about that. Hopefully you enjoy it.






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  1. Love it!! So jappy you’re jappy! Just don’t forget to come home 😉 x

    1. onlineness says:

      Oh I won’t 🙂

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