I Heart Toronto

I will not claim to be an expert on Toronto, I still do not understand the whole north/south things – all I know is I live on the west side and “Spadina” is not pronounced the way it looks. But after living here for a year I do have some tips for other newbies that I thought may be fun to share.

Before I moved here all I could really find was people saying how awful Toronto and by extension Canada is – which was a little disheartening. Hopefully someone will be encouraged by this.

There’s a lot of parks in the city. Like a lot a lot. Which is really lovely when you feel you need to take break, you’re never too far from a park. And the parks are actually green. Something I like to do is get a coffee and sit in park to dogwatch. Which brings me to coffee. If you recall, I did a blog post about this already – if you like coffee then you’ve come to the right place. You’re spoiled for choice in this city, people take their coffee seriously.

And their food! Or as I like to say “the foooooooooooooood”while I drool. There is so many different kinds of good food in Toronto. You can get just about anything from tacos to burgers and anything in between. It seems like every week a new place opens up (in reality it’s probably a lot more than just one place) so you’re never short of finding a great place to eat. Also, because of the plethora of restaurants prices are competitive and reasonable so eating out can sometimes be cheaper than eating in.

Luckily you can stop off at some of the many fruit and vegetable stores around the city that stock amazing produce for very cheap prices. I typically struggle to spend more than $15 at our local store and that means my kitchen is stocked full of yummy goodness. I haven’t ventured to a farmer’s market yet but there seems to be plenty of them about too.

Locals like to complain about the transport system (called the TTC) so this is how you know I still haven’t completely assimilated. I think the system is fantastic but that’s just my humble opinion. I do advise getting a weekly or monthly pass when you get here first (and decide for yourself if you’re using it enough to justify the price) because it’s a great way to get your bearings and explore the city.

There’s a lot of touristy things to do in Toronto but I’m leaving that for a future post 🙂


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  1. Foooooooood 🙂 can’t wait!

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