Toronto Top 5 – Tacos

This has been a post a long time in the making. I’ve done a lot of research and spent many a sleepless night thinking about it. So here it is, my top 5 Tacos in Toronto.

5. Wilbur Mexicana: to start of this list a common theme I found at all these places – there is usually quite a long line to get your tacos but these are worth it. The only time I’ve felt under-whelmed was by the grilled avocado taco but I think it just wasn’t what I was expecting. My favourite part is the amazing self-service salsa bar where you can pick several different types of salsa to eat with the mountain of tortilla chips that come with your taco.

4. Tacos 101: you may think the name may mean basic tacos but you would be wrong! This tiny spot is serving up some great food – I recommend the Al Pastor taco with pineapple. Yes, I have become a person that’s embraced pineapple in savory dishes. Deal with it.

3. La Carnita: has a lot of locations across the city so there is bound to be one close to you. I’ve been to the John & Adelaide joint a few times now and while the tacos are amazing, the service can sometimes be a little lacking/rude. I do feel that if I know service is bad I can accept that for good tacos. My top picks are the fish taco that has a crisp and refreshing apple slaw or the ceviche tostada.

2. Fresh: the deep-fried squash tacos at Fresh are deliciously crunchy and because they have kale you can trick yourself into thinking you’re eating health food.

1. Maizal: this is a spot that’s almost hidden away in Liberty village. They make all their tortillas on -site and you can really taste the difference. The prices are also great and you can get three generous tacos for about $10. The friendly staff also make a difference. Sorry La Carnita.

There is a lot more I could mention but for the sake of brevity I stuck with five. Honorable mention to Seven Lives in Kensington Market.



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  1. nom nom nom. can’t wait to try these!

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