Pasta Making at The Depanneur

Making fresh pasta has always been on my bucket list so I was very excited to join my friend at a stuffed pasta making class at The Depanneur. This is a really cool place that I had often passed on my wanderings but wasn’t sure what it was. As per their site, The Depanneur is where “interesting food things happen” – they host cooking workshops, supper clubs and drop-in dinners. They also provide a space for Syrian refugees (who may not have access to kitchens) to cook food for themselves and their friends. I think this is a really lovely idea, I think cooking for people is an act of love and the fact that they’re helping people do that is just wonderful.

Anyway, onto the pasta class! This was taught by a husband and wife duo (check out their beautiful website) who were very passionate about pasta and food. I was glad that the class was hands-on, we started by making a basic pasta dough. Then, while we let the dough rest, we were shown how to make a basic tomato sauce to serve with the pasta. Like all traditional Italian food this was very simple: tinned tomatoes, garlic and olive oil. It was onto the two stuffings for  the pasta which was again very simple – ricotta cheese with some nutmeg and an Italian sausage that was bulked out with bread and milk.

After being shown how to roll and stuff the pasta, an assembly line of sorts was set-up with people rolling, filling and stuffing the pasta. This was really fun and everyone got a chance to try every step of the process a couple of times – which meant that everyone got the knack of it by the end of the class.

Finally – the best part of the night, we ate our homemade pasta. And it was delicious. We even went home with some and I ate carbo loaded dinners for the rest of the week.

I really enjoyed this class and will keep an eye out for more at The Depanneur. It’s really a lovely spot.



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