My Favourite Toronto Tourist Spots

We’ve had a few visitors to Toronto by now so I think it’s accurate to say that I know everything there is about Toronto and what to see. I jest. Like everything on this blog this is just my opinion, I am still exploring the city and discovering new things every week so I expect this list will change as time goes on.

  1. Casa Loma – Casa Loma was one man’s quest to create a medieval castle (a quest that would eventually bankrupt him) and it really is a beautiful building. When you walk around the house you may think it looks somewhat familiar, that’s because this has been used as a location in many films. The story of the house is interesting, if a little depressing and they always have plenty of events going on.
  2. Distillery District – As you’ll have guessed from my earlier post, this is one of my favourite places in Toronto. Especially now that it’s coming up to Summer. There’s plenty of places to shop, eat and drink and it’s such a lovely area to walk around.
  3. Royal Ontario Museum – when I first came to Toronto I stayed in a Holiday Inn that was a five minute walk from the ROM. So I do feel like this place has a special meaning to me. The museum can’t be covered in just one day but you should still give it a go. Their ROM Live nights are great fun with live music, bars and food to enjoy with the museum exhibitions. Fun fact – there’s an Over Easy just across from the ROM that has great pancakes. You know, if you want to make a day of it.
  4. Art Gallery of Ontario – in keeping with the cultural theme, I actually didn’t know anything about Canadian art before I got here so have been trying to remedy this. If it’s raining out then there’s not many better ways to spend an afternoon than at the AGO. Top tip – it’s free to visit the permanent collection every Wednesday from 6pm – 9pm. Another top tip – after your visit head to Sansotei Ramen for some amazing ramen.
  5. Medieval Times – ok so this may not be for everyone but hear me out. If you give in to the cheesiness and play along Medieval Times is a lot of fun. The food is decent and you can go home with your very own souvenir cup so you’ll never forget your “knight”? Eh? Eh?! I’ll show myself out.

So just a couple of my recommendations for what to do in the city – I know I’m forgetting something so don’t be too surprised if this changes!


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  1. Yayyyyy! so excited about all of this! Especially Distillery District. That’s my fave!!

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