Rezzies Review – May

May has finally brought the Summer to Toronto. It is sunny, hot and HUMID. It has been a very busy month- not only because I’m flying home on the 1st June (OMG SO CLOSE) and need to get my shit together. I signed up for a month pass at my spin studio and also got back into running. My ideal was that every day I’d either go to spin class or go for a run. This didn’t always work out but overall May has been my most active month yet which I’m proud about.

Yoga Twice A Month: I’ve been a bit lax with this one due to all the spinning and running mentioned above but I’ve managed to fit one a couple of DIY sessions.

No Electronics Before Bed: I’ve been getting up early to run before work which means that by 9.30 pm no matter what I’m in the middle of I more or less conk out. So this hasn’t been a big issue this month seeing as I’m too tired to look through my phone while in bed.

Call Someone You Love Every Week: I’m sad to say that this has been put on the back burner, perhaps because I know I’m going to be seeing people soon so I’ve become a bit complacent with this?

Plank: I’ve found this harder probably due to all the leg pains this month.

Eat 5 A Day: with the hot weather this has been almost a joy to do. Also I’ve discovered cauliflower rice (patent pending). Which is almost life-changing. Honestly.

Blog More: so you may have guessed that all me mentioning how busy I was this month is me trying to make excuses for the lack of blogging – and you would be correct!

Hope May was a good one for you guys, here’s to June and to REUNIONS!!!



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  1. love love love this!! you’re doing amazing! and i really want to talk to you about the cauliflower rice! nom nom

    1. onlineness says:

      So good! Never thought I’d say that!

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