Last month I spent three days in Boston. My primary reason was for a podcast recording of Gilmore Guys which if you aren’t listening to you should be. I decided to kill two birds with one stone and also see some of the sights from Fallout 4 which is set in Boston.

I flew into Boston Friday morning and arrived in just before noon. There is a free airport shuttle from the airport to the city centre so I hopped on that all the way to the bus station. I had done my research on places to eat in the city and my first call was to a sandwich place called Mike and Patty’s which didn’t disappoint. Then I started to explore the city. I managed to get in most of the Fallout 4 landmarks on Friday as well as stopping off at a fancy chocolate place  and some yummy gelato in the shape of a flower.

I stayed with a friend who is studying in Harvard and that Friday night we went to space themed party which was great fun and also a little intimidating to be talking to Harvard geniuses. The next morning we were up bright and early to watch the Ireland versus Belgium match in a dark Irish pub. I was reminded that I hate football. And Irish pubs. And everything. Maybe I was a little hungover.

After some restorative ice-cream we headed off on the Freedom Trail which is a tour of all the historic revolutionary sites of Boston. I’ll be honest – I only really wanted to do this because it was in Fallout 4. I have very little knowledge of American history but I found this a great way to see the city and learn about the history of the city. Bostonians are all very friendly and happy to talk about their city. We finished up at Bunker Hill memorial and then got a ferry back to the city – highly recommend!

The next day I was a little bit tired of the hot sun so decided to spend a few hours in the Museum of Fine Arts and its air conditioning. The place is so full of treasures that it probably needs a couple of visits but top tip – your ticket entitles you a second visit within 7 days after your first visit.

From the museum I headed to the airport and for home to Toronto but a little bit of my heart stayed in Boston. I found it a really relaxing city with a friendly vibe and also full of delicious food.



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