Reading Challenge

Just realised I haven’t mentioned this in a while – I hope you didn’t think that I had given up!

I’m at the 50% mark, meaning I have read 20 out of 40 books so I’m more or less on track to hit my goal. I actually thought this would be a lot easier, I guess I underestimated how many books I read. I also still have the bad habit of re-reading books on my phone, like right now I’m in the middle of reading Jane Eyre for the 20th time. But that’s only because I’m after finishing a collection of short stories called “Reader I married him” which are all inspired by Jane Eyre. So there’s a method there.

My highlights so far have been Anjelica Huston’s memoir “Watch Me” at times it is a little slow and can seem like a list of places and people but I found it a really interesting read. And there’s lots about her and Jack Nicholson. Bonus.

I also loved Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please”, if you enjoyed Tina Fey’s Bossypants (and if you haven’t read that you really need to start right now) then I’ve no doubt you’ll love this. And vice versa.

I’ve recently discovered (thanks to my sister) the writer Elizabeth Strout. She writes novels that I feel really focus on  everyday normal people and their feelings and struggles. I love the way she writes. I recommend you check her out.



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