At the start of 2016 I decided to make a change. I wasn’t happy with how I looked or how I was feeling. And it was down to my weight. Seeing pictures from Christmas only made me depressed at how far I had let it go. So I decided things needed to change. That change needed to start with me.

To boost this I became a vegetarian for the month of January. I don’t think eating meat equals making anyone fat, I just wanted to boost the amount of fruit and vegetables in my diet. I got a pedometer and started to walk at lunchtimes. I found a buddy at work that shared my goals so we were able to support each other. We shared tips, vented to one another and spurred each other on when we felt down.

I started to go on runs. I didn’t drink as much and treats became more of a treat instead of an everyday habit. I stopped eating Tim Horton’s breakfast sandwiches every Friday. I began spin classes and grew addicted to the endorphin rush. I bought dairy free powdered coconut oil creamer for my coffee because it promised to suppress my appetite (for about $50 a bottle). That was the craziest thing I did, I can admit that now.

The weight started to come off. Slowly. But slow was good. Slow meant that it should stay off. I reminded myself of that every time I got frustrated and felt that no change was happening. Which was a lot. I get discouraged easily. But changes were happening. Jeans were fitting better. Dress shopping wasn’t as painful as before. I felt good about myself.

I signed up for a 10KM run. I signed up to the Reddit Weight Loss community and joined a Summer weightloss challenge. I cheered on my teammates for their scale and non-scale victories and they in turn whooped up mine. I actually survived a 10K run in the Toronto heat with one of my best friends. More to the point, I enjoyed a 10k run.

I also enjoyed my last weeks in Toronto. I ate my favourite foods, drank with some great people and yea I relaxed on the weight thing. I was determined to enjoy my final weeks and not spend them obsessing. So I didn’t hit my goal weight for the end of Summer.

But that’s ok! To date I’ve lost 13KG/2 Stone. I won’t beat myself up about my weight unless I reach the number I was at last Christmas. Because only when I’m back there and have I really failed myself.

For October I plan on focusing and getting back in the game. I’ve three more months of 2016 and I’m going to make them count.





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  1. Good on you! I’m going through something similar at the moment and I find it hard not to obsess over the scales if they don’t drop down as quickly as I would like. I did have a giggle about the coconut oil creamer.

    1. onlineness says:

      Thanks! Ha, yea it wasn’t my finest hour – I have to say it did make me realise that coffee without a load of cream and sugar can be good. Best of luck with your journey, that Toronto food doesn’t make it easy!

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