Pity Party for One

So in case you didn’t get it, last week was tough. Usually when I get in a funk I try to limit the length to a day, e.g. okay you can be miserable about this for today but tomorrow you’re not going to fester on this any longer.

It generally works – I let myself have time to wallow and to feel sorry for myself but then I get  back to it because there’s no good kind of festering. This time though, I was just miserable for the rest of the week. Proper misery in which I didn’t want to do anything but lie on the couch and wail. Figuratively, not literally.

Today I decided it was time to end this pity party. No one wants to hang out with a mopey moperson, especially me. This week will be a positive week. Even if bad things happen I will deal with them in a positive manner.

You hear me universe? Even bad things won’t annoy me. So suck on it.



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