The Cooking Project

Last January I bookmarked a random article about the 30 things you should learn to cook by the time you’re 30.

I’m entering the last year of my 2os next year and I consider myself an adequate cook. I can fend for myself and have had people over for dinner successfully on more than one occasion. I actually enjoy spending a day cooking, watching ingredients turn into finished dishes. In fact I  find it very relaxing unless I’m cooking a turkey for my first Thanksgiving for a number of people.

However there were things on the list that I hadn’t cooked before and as always there was room for improvement with others. I also have my own personal list of recipes and dishes that I’ve saved because I want to give them a try.

So from that first article and from my own notes I’ve come up with a list of dishes that I want to cook by the time I turn 30 in April 2018. I’ll be refining this over the next few days and plan on starting this soon….as soon as I get into my own kitchen. And yes I’m going to attempt to document this project so that I won’t lose motivation.

I hope you’ll enjoy going on this journey with me!


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  1. yasssss!! this sounds amazing! totes gonna follow you on this journey #foodislife xx

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