Cooking Project – The Plan

Hi ho everyone, happy November! The Thursday of the year in which we’re all just waiting for Christmas 🙂

So the last week I’ve been trying to decide what exactly I want to accomplish with this project. At first I was going to go through the entire list of everything that people “should” know how to cook by the time they’re 30. But after a while I thought that would be a little bit boring for me….I think I’d rather focus on the things I’ve saved recipes for or things I’d love to know how to make. I think this way it’s more of a challenge rather than me making something I’m not very excited about.

So (for now) here is the list! I may add….I hope to not take away and you’ll notice that some are still just general ideas instead of a definite recipe. All suggestions are welcome. As I go through these I’ll update this post with the links to each one. I start tomorrow! Eeek!


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