Starting my Starter

I know I’m very behind with my cooking project guys – sorry! Moving house and no internet is a fun combination.

Tonight I wanted to try out a recipe for hash browns but I realised only too late that I have no grater which is pretty critical to the recipe. So last I decided I’d have a go with getting my sourdough starter up and running. I love sourdough bread and have wanted to make it for years but have been too scared to try it for myself – but with not many ingredients in the house I didn’t have any real choice.

First things first, to make sourdough bread you need to make a starter, feed it and love it as if it were one of your own. Today is Day One – I’ve added some plain flour (no fancy stuff like strong flour) and water to a container, covered it and put it on a top shelf of the kitchen. The next few days I’ll be monitoring and feeding my baby starter which I shall call Eddie. Eddie should be ready to bake with in 5 days if all things go well.

Stay tuned guys! Adventures in sourdough! I hope it ends well!


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