Cooking Project: Hash Browns

I heart hash browns. Once I see them mentioned on a menu it’s a done deal that I have to have whatever that dish is.

I’ve tried to make them before and it’s resulted in misery. Grating piles of potato, squeezing out moisture (gross) and a burnt sticky pan with nothing to show for it. I gradually accepted that these were to be left to the professionals and only ate them out (or from the freezer).

Then I came across this recipe from Food 52 and thought to myself that maybe it is possible to have delicious hash browns at home.

First things first, this is a recipe for when you’re alone. This is not for cooking for a crowd. This is a self-love recipe or for someone you really really really love. Once you have that understood you’re golden.

I melted some butter in a pan, peeled a potato (the recipe didn’t specify if it should be peeled or not but I’m a purist) and started to grate it into the pan. It’s important to salt the potato not just for taste reasons but also science (the details are in the article).

Once the potato is browning on one side the entire cake itself will start to come together….which is pretty cool to see. When it feels more solid you can flip it over and brown the other side. All in all this took maybe 15 minutes. It can feel a bit faffy but well worth it as the end product was a deliciously crispy hash brown. I ate mine with a fried egg that I’d sprinkled with some smoked paprika. A decadent breakfast/cheap lunch/quick dinner….whatever way you want to eat it!


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