Pizza Party

Now that I have my own kitchen I’m taking full advantage and decided to make some pizzas the other night. This technically isn’t part of my cooking project but decided to post about it anyway as I had so much fun! You can buy pizza bases and pizza dough in a lot of shops but it’s really fun and rewarding to make your own. And it’s not even that hard!

I used Jamie Oliver’s recipe but I only made half the quantity as didn’t really want to be swimming in pizza. It says it’s enough for 8 bases but if you like pizza on the thin and crispy side then I think you’d get  a lot more than 8 from it. For the pizza sauce I just got some tomato passata, fried up some thinly sliced garlic and simmered it for about ten minutes.

The fun part was the toppings! I got a variety of things to choose from: mozzarella, goat cheese, parmesan, chorizo, pepporoni, chicken, beef, caramelised onions and rocket. Also – lemon zest is a new favourite – grated over the pizza after it comes out of the oven, so good! So in the end I made four pizzas: 1) pepporoni and chorizo 2) caramelised onions, bbq chicken and garlic 3) spicy beef and pepporoni with rocket, parmesan and lemon zest 4) caramlised onions. The last one was meant to be goat cheese but I got distracted and added mozzarella by accident.Next time for sure!



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