Sour-d’oh Bread

With everything going so well it only made sense that I was due a kitchen disaster.

My sourdough bread started out so well, I diligently fed my starter (Eddie) every day and kept him safe. He got bigger, and sourer and I thought I was on track to my very own source of sourdough.

I made two errors when making sourdough – one is a suspicion the other is a definite. By the fifth day of feeding Eddie I realised that the container he was living in was getting to small for him – so I moved him to a new container. This possibly undid all my hard work as the next day he didn’t look his jolly old self. I decided to power on anyway and start on my bread – which leads to my second error. I didn’t read my recipe, not properly, before I started and didn’t really realise that baking this bread is an all-day project. So once I had started I couldn’t really pause and take a break. I had to commit to this.

And wow did I resent my bread because of that! I followed the instructions and ended up with a very wet dough. Still I wasn’t panicking just yet as from what I read the dough is a bit wetter than normal bread dough. I had to fold the dough a total of 6 times every 30 mins, to keep track of this I came up with a very advanced system


After this I left the dough to rise again, but it didn’t really rise at all….I started to worry that maybe this was all for nothing but tried to convince myself that I was just being paranoid. I shaped and made two loaves, then left them in my makeshift proofing baskets consisting of mixing bowls and tea towels (this may have been my third error).IMG_2518.JPG

I got the oven going and once it was preheated I tipped out loaf one…..along with my tea towel. The dough was so sticky that tea towel was a goner. I’ll miss you tea towel.

Nevertheless, I stuck a roasting pan full of boiling water into the oven (this creates a steam which means a better crust on the bread) and put loaf one in. Then I watched as my bread failed to rise. At this point my emotions got the better of me, I was so annoyed that I had wasted my day on this and that it had failed that I dumped loaf number two straight into the bin without baking or even seeing how loaf one turned out. That was error number four that I’ll try not to make again. This project is meant to be FUN!

Anyway, the loaf actually turned out okay. Not terrible and not great. Okay for a first time I guess but I feel a little bit scarred after that experience. Next recipe will be something I feel I can do so sorry if it’s going to be a bit of a cop out!

Almost December guys 🙂 can’t believe November flew by!


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