Cooking Project: Lazy Banh Mi

In Toronto Banh Mi Boys was a regular of my diet. Banh Mi is a sandwich made with a baguette, usually pate, some other meat and some pickles and chilli. It is delicious. I can’t stress that enough. I wish someone would open a Banh Mi Boys in Dublin, knowing the Irish and their fondness for chicken fillet rolls – it can only do well!

It’s been a bit of an emotional weekend, nothing personally going on – just the news being full of an orange baboon spewing hate has been a little rough. This weekend was definitely about comfort and just wanted to eat a really great sandwich.

First – I made some pickled carrots and onions by following this from Budget Bytes and now my fridge is all the brighterimg_3001

Then I fried up some turkey meatballs (attempt to  make this a lighter comfort meal) and put some of those part-bake baguettes in the oven.

Once these were cooked all I had to do was assemble! I added in some Sriracha and a little bit of mayo and voila – a very lazy (and not very traditional) banh mi.

But it tasted like comfort. And I think I’ll be putting this on my “lazy dinners for one” roster.


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