Breakfast at Fumbally

The Fumbally is a beautiful space, close to St Patrick’s Cathedral and Teeling Whiskey Distillery (in case you want to plan a day of exploring Dublin) and somewhere I had wanted to go since before I left for Canada.

Finally, yesterday I decided that it would be the day I went. Word of warning – I went just as they opened and it fills up very quick! So would advise getting in early, really worth it.

First of all, the space is just gorgeous – full of mismatched furniture, old books and crates of ingredients. Another bonus (or drawback depending on how you feel) is the Fumbally is dog friendly and we got to meet some lovely dogs during our time here.

But more importantly – the food! While I was tempted by the array of salads that were on show, I was in the mood for something more breakfasty (which is a word) but I think I need to come back and try a salad plate. I went for the “Green Eggs & Ham” which was scrambled eggs, avocado and chorizo on brioche toast.

As you see from the pic, portions are generous! The food was very tasty and just what I wanted, the coffee was so good that I had to have two.

We didn’t need any more food after that but we just had to try a slice of cake. It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning, a much needed refuge from all the madness that’s been going on in the world.



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