Weekend in Belfast

It’s been a long time since myself and my boyfriend have had a holiday together. When we lived in Canada all our free time was spent either going  home or with visitors. Not that I would change that in any way but it seemed we were due some free time.

We decided on Belfast because it meant avoiding airports (historically not good places for our relationship) and because my  boyfriend has been singing its praises for years but I hadn’t been since a day trip as a child.

The train from Dublin to Belfast is really scenic so even if you are able to drive (unlike some) I would recommend the train. It was also super comfy and I’m not being paid at all by Irish Rail to say this – in fact I am the first to complain about them after spending what I’m going to say  is years of my life on the Sligo train.

Anyway! We arrived after lunch on Friday and after checking in our Airbnb the first place I wanted to go was St George’s Market – a foodie paradise. Unfortunately it was close to 3pm when we arrived and the market was closing up. Devastating. We were in need of food fast and headed to Bootleggers which had been recommended by a friend. They do reasonably priced American/Tex-Mex food and lots of fancy cocktails – some even in teapots!

I got the fried chicken which came with slaw and corn, very tasty and we didn’t need to eat for the rest of the day. We decided to go to the Spaniard to lit a candle and try out a cocktail. I couldn’t get a good photo of the interior but here’s the very pretty exterior:


I recommend the margarita!

The next day we woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to  hit the market for real this time. I really felt spoilt for choice and I can imagine spending a lot of time (and money) here if I lived in Belfast. There’s a variety of food, drinks and cute crafts.

After we had fueled up we explored Belfast and found some interesting art/book and collectible shops and I even picked up some books – despite having a large pile of unread books at home. I may have a problem.

We had a few more drinks in the Dirty Onion and then sampled a couple more cocktails at Love and Death Inc which has the coolest menus I’ve ever seen.

We opted for a cheap and cheerful meal at Milano’s/Pizza Express and had a cosy night in our very comfortable Airbnb.

After one last stop at the market on Sunday we headed back to Dublin. I really enjoyed our time in  Belfast and would love to go back again, this time when it’s sunny!


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