Favourite Foodie Movies

I wanted to share a couple of my favourite movies about my favourite topic – food. I mean….what else is there?

  1. Chef: a chef working in a high-end trendy restaurant becomes disillusioned with his career and opens up a food truck. On the way he reconnects with his son and his love for food. This is a funny and sweet movie that’s filled with food porn. Watch with a toasted cheese sandwich or a large bowl of pasta with garlic. Or, you know, both.
  2. The Lunchbox: A housewife in Mumbai prepares her husband’s lunchbox with loving care – except that it gets delivered to the wrong man. A beautiful story of how we show people our feelings through what we serve to them. Watch with your favourite Indian takeway.
  3. Waitress: I’m not one for desserts but the pies in Waitress almost make me lick the screen. Jenna is a waitress with a talent for pie – she’s hoping to win the pie contest and enough money to leave her husband.  What starts off as a pretty cliched story may surprise you. Also Nathan Fillon stars as a dreamy doctor. Watch with some pie/tart. Obviously.
  4. The Search for General Tso: In uncovering the mystery of who was General Tso (and his chicken) this is a fascinating story of Chines immigrants and the cuisine they brought to America. Watch with really good Chinese food. No 3-in-1s.
  5. Ratatouille: if you can get past the rat thing (and some people) can’t then this film should capture your heart. I love the mantra that anyone can cook, it doesn’t matter where you’re from or how old you are – anyone can be a cook. Watch curled up with your favourite childhood food. Mine is my mum’s potato cakes which no matter how many times I try I can’t replicate….I guess not everyone can be as good a cook as your mum!

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